Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012!

Today was such an amazing and special day! To all the mother's out there, I hope your day was as special and wonderful as mine!
Saturday, we went to visit Titi (B's mom) for Mother's day a day early and give her her present. I wish I would have taken a photo, but I forgot of course! I painted a terra cotta planter black and then mod podged photos of the grandkids all over it and put a nice hausta plant in there for her:) It turned out pretty great actually.

Here is Titi and G!

This morning, B let me sleep in and I was awoken by G saying "Mommy, Mommy, wake up!" In a beautiful black bag with Gold striped tissue paper was a day of luxury and relaxation. B and G got me a full day of pampering at the Spa! I cannot wait to cash that in!:)
Then, we headed off to church where we heard an amazing message from the pastor's wife about 8 ways that moms reflect the nature of God. It was so great!

This is me and G before we went into church!
After church, B took me to Carrabba's for a Mother's Day lunch! I worked there for a few years and I always remember thinking of how I couldn't wait until I was a mom and could go there for lunch! It was so special, with great food and G was on his best behavior, using his napkin and dipping his chicken in their house dressing (they didn't have ranch so we improvised).

Then, we went to my Nana's where my sister and mom and aunt and all the kiddos were and exchanged gifts, mostly plants, but I made everyone homemade sugar scrub (post to come)!

Here's all the lovely ladies in my fam that were at my Nana's today.
My other sister, Trish came by the house later and I gave her her gift. It was a beautiful wonderful day and I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's day! Such a great holiday! I am so blessed! Blessings to all you mothers out there!