Sunday, October 14, 2012

Diaper Genie deodorizers....I think so!

Okay, so I realize it has been a lifetime since I have posted anything and this post doesn't have the most glamorized title. But here is the issue. My son is two and a half now and he has still not mastered the potty training bit. Since I did not get the memo about how cool cloth diapers are until well after he was born, we use disposable diapers. And his diaper genie smells horrible! I mean horrible! I clean it weekly with clorox and take the diapers out regularly and still when I open it to put a new diaper in, the smell is overwhelming. So I went online and found my own DIY deodorizers that are so easy to make. I found them on Pinterest. I just took baking soda and water and made a paste and then put a few drops of essential oil for smell. I have to wait a couple of days for them to dry out and then I should be able to just put them in the bottom of the pail.
I'm super excited to see how they work out. So below is a picture of the finished product. I will make sure to give you an update on how it works out.