Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grason's 2nd Birthday Party...his big day!

Grason's birthday was a huge success! I can't thank all our friends and family more for their support in showing up for G's big day! Pictured above is the shirt I made for him to wear:) He always has to be dressed up, lol

The photo above is our food table. I made the sign (which I showed in a previous post on how to make) and the picture frame is my absolute favorite piece! The streamers were not what I had invisioned but I only had about 20 minutes to set up everything so I was a little stressed!

As you can see, my elmo pops are displayed, as well as the cute little bucket I made for Cookie Monster's cookies and my handmade signs to let everyone know what everything was...Dorothy's goldfish too!

 Elmo's pizza was brought to you by Papa John's lol and was a huge hit with all the kiddos!

 I was originally going to make all the cupcakes look like the faces of the characters, but time and energy were lacking and so I decided to make these cute little cupcake toppers instead and just use the different color icing, but they turned out great and looked amazing and were eaten up by all so I consider them a huge success...sometimes less is more I guess:)

I also made an elmo cake so Grason had something to blow out, just in case we didn't have enought cupcakes for everyone...

 I wanted Grason's beautiful invitation displayed at the party, so I put it in a frame that I had at the house and took my cricut and cut different designs on adhesive paper and voila!

  My awesome welcome sign looked perfect on the door to the food room

 Outside the food room were the plates and cups (you can't see on the cups but they each had a label that said "This cup belongs to:" and crayons for the kids to write their names on them) and the books I got from the dollar store just to display and Grason can use them in the future to learn his colors and letters.

 These are all the goodie bags for the kiddos! They loved them!


And finally, the star of the day, enjoying his cupcake:)

It was the best day with the best of friends and best of family!
Thank you for all that participated and joined in our our special day!

Below are some additional photos from the party.....it was the best day....


Elmo Pops!

I made these same pops for Christmas goodies to give away to G's teacher's at school. So I just changed it up a bit and used the candy melts in the color red and added eyes and a nose to make an elmo face.

I started with oreos...

I melted the candy melts in the microwave....

Then you just take a lollipop stick and use the melted candy to put two oreos together. You can let them cool on their own, or to speed things up, pop them in the freezer.
 Orange M&M's were used for the nose
 Candy eyeballs for...you guessed it...the eyes

So here is the end result....I also took a box top from our paper at work and covered it in Elmo wrapping paper and then used a piece of styrofoam to put inside so the pops would stay upright and display nicely.
Easy Peasy!

They were a huge hit at the party and everyone thought they were deliciously cute!
The greatest thing about these treats is that you can use them for all kinds of holidays...as I said, I first made them as a Christmas treat, but you could do them for any holiday or event really.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy almost birthday to my sweet boy!

My dearest Grason,

I can't believe that you are already 2 years old! It truly has been a whirlwind of laughs and cries and I have never felt so blessed than to be your mommy.  In this last year, you have grown to be such a little man. You have learned how to walk, to jump, to run, to kick a soccer ball, to say words like no, mine, why not?, ahh man, ahh-choo, i love you, night night, and tot tart, just to name a few.
You go a mile a minute and keep mommy and daddy busy and entertained. Your smile starts from the moment you wake in the morning and never leaves. You have this way of drawing everyone to you with your infectious personality. I wish you all the blessings you can comprehend this birthday and hope that this next year of your life brings that many more special memories I get to share with you.



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grason told me what he wanted for breakfast!

So i realize that I haven't posted much on the whole mommy side of my life in regards to milestones and such! Today is a very special day. My G is almost two! Typically he grunts and points when I ask him what he wants to eat and I bring various items out of the cabinets to which he says, No, No, No until i get to what he watns. Well this morning, I was making him breakfast and I said, Grason, you have to tell mommy what you want for breakfast...What do you want for breakfast, Grason? His response: I want tot tart Mommy! My boy said he wanted a pop tart for breakfast! AHHH! I couldn't believe my ears and it made me so happy to see him reaching another milestone in his life.

Just wanted to share a great moment in my mommy life!



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!


 We had the most amazing weekend with the kiddos for the Easter holiday! We took the kids for a walk and then we blew bubbles in the front yard....
 Later that night, we had some fun decorating eggs for our big hunt Sunday!

 Mommy and G decorating his eggs
 AB had the best time putting lots of stickers on her eggs...even multiple mouths on some lol
 I made an egg with a g on it using a letter sticker...turned out good I think
 P was busy using my hair dryer to dry her eggs
 After egg decorating, our amazing, big hearted P was our waitress for a special Dessert dinner in her room
 She even set up a table for us with lots of fixin's for Ice Cream and cookies!
 Easter morning! Grason was so excited to get all the fun stuff in his basket, including a real piggy piggy bank and sidewalk chalk

 Avery loved that she got new bubbles and more excited that they were Disness Princess bubbles
  Peyton is the best gift receiver! Her reactions are priceless. You always know that she just loves everything she gets...she is so appreciative and excited! I love getting her surprises just to watch her reaction

 The kiddos were ready before we were for church so they spent some time in the living room jamming out!
 These moments are priceless and I am so glad I caught them on camera! love these kids!

 Me and Daddy ready for church
  A great shot of the kiddos...if you only knew how hard it is to get them all to look at the camera at the same time with a somewhat smile on their faces lol
 P and Daddy...loves her daddy!
 AB and Dad...she's not much for smiling...but hey, she tries lol
 My two favorite boys in this whole world
 My sweet P and me
  Love this girl

 Mommy and G ready for church

  After church, we had a huge Easter Egg hunt at Nana and Granddaddy's...this is a great shot of my nieces and nephews

 Hunting for the money eggs....
 Shane and Lil Joey hunting...
 Nana and Granddaddy
 Me and mom helping G look for eggs

 All the ladies....
 Granddaddy and Bryan....great pic!
 AB was "tired" so she curled up next to Aunt Heather on the swing!
 Nana with Grason and Avery on the swing...

It was a great weekend and I was so pleased with how it all went. It was some great family time and much needed interaction with cousins, and grandparents, sisters, and mothers. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!