Tuesday, July 2, 2013

thirty-one July Customer special!!!

Hello lovelys,

So the special for July is awesome! For every $31 you spend you will received 31% off any item in the catalog....that's right! Any Item!

AND....if you book a party with me for the month of July or August, you will get this from me for FREE!!

Don't miss out...only a few spots left so email me at rachelcaroline8@gmail.com if you are interested in hosting a party with me in July or August!!


Team Boom Fundraiser-Great Success!!!

Just wanted to say a special thank to all those that participated in this amazing fundraiser and helped pass out fliers and catalogs and collected orders! I could not have done it without each and every one of you! The fundraiser was a great success! Overall sales were $1800 and so thanks to all you wonderful people who ordered I am able to donate $450 to the Halstead family and also give them $250 in free thirty-on products!
Thank you all again for your amazing support!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Team Boom Fundraiser for Tripp Halstead

I am currently holding a fundraiser to raise money for this wonderful little boy. See the flier below for more information.
Simply place your order online at www.mythirtyone.com/CMiranda under the fundraiser event party and 100% of my commission will go to him and his family and you will still get amazing bags that you want!



A new adventure has begun....

OH sweet blog how I have missed you! I am so sorry it has been a lifetime since I have posted, but I plan to keep this up to date now. Just to fill you in a little bit, I am officially a college graduate from East Carolina University with a bachelor's in Mass Communication! I am contemplating going back in a year to get my Master's in Social Work/Psychology, I started my own business in January as a thirty-one consultant and am loving life!

So since I have started my new business I have really seen such a transformation in myself. I am not a quiet or shy person by any means, but I do have issues with speaking publically and since I am a communication major, that just had to change. Since starting with thirty-one I am really breaking out of that fear and becoming more comfortable speaking in front of people and it is really exciting! I am really loving that I get to party and make money doing it! I have always been a party planning person so this fits right into my area of expertise and I love to organize so the products are perfect for me too!

I have been to a lot of direct sales parties...I even went to my fair share of thirty-one parties and I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever be the type of person that would want to sell it! Well, I was wrong! Signing up with that little ol $99 in January has changed my life! And I'm just getting started! So for all you fellow followers out there, share my blog and share my business if you will!

Right now I am doing a great giveaway! Anyone who hosts a party with me in June, July or August will win this Large Utility Tote in our fun new summer fun flops pattern for FREE!!! That's right!
If you are interested just send me an email to rachelcaroline8@gmail.com and let me know what month you can do it and I can email you back with the dates I have available!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Diaper Genie deodorizers....I think so!

Okay, so I realize it has been a lifetime since I have posted anything and this post doesn't have the most glamorized title. But here is the issue. My son is two and a half now and he has still not mastered the potty training bit. Since I did not get the memo about how cool cloth diapers are until well after he was born, we use disposable diapers. And his diaper genie smells horrible! I mean horrible! I clean it weekly with clorox and take the diapers out regularly and still when I open it to put a new diaper in, the smell is overwhelming. So I went online and found my own DIY deodorizers that are so easy to make. I found them on Pinterest. I just took baking soda and water and made a paste and then put a few drops of essential oil for smell. I have to wait a couple of days for them to dry out and then I should be able to just put them in the bottom of the pail.
I'm super excited to see how they work out. So below is a picture of the finished product. I will make sure to give you an update on how it works out.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012!

Today was such an amazing and special day! To all the mother's out there, I hope your day was as special and wonderful as mine!
Saturday, we went to visit Titi (B's mom) for Mother's day a day early and give her her present. I wish I would have taken a photo, but I forgot of course! I painted a terra cotta planter black and then mod podged photos of the grandkids all over it and put a nice hausta plant in there for her:) It turned out pretty great actually.

Here is Titi and G!

This morning, B let me sleep in and I was awoken by G saying "Mommy, Mommy, wake up!" In a beautiful black bag with Gold striped tissue paper was a day of luxury and relaxation. B and G got me a full day of pampering at the Spa! I cannot wait to cash that in!:)
Then, we headed off to church where we heard an amazing message from the pastor's wife about 8 ways that moms reflect the nature of God. It was so great!

This is me and G before we went into church!
After church, B took me to Carrabba's for a Mother's Day lunch! I worked there for a few years and I always remember thinking of how I couldn't wait until I was a mom and could go there for lunch! It was so special, with great food and G was on his best behavior, using his napkin and dipping his chicken in their house dressing (they didn't have ranch so we improvised).

Then, we went to my Nana's where my sister and mom and aunt and all the kiddos were and exchanged gifts, mostly plants, but I made everyone homemade sugar scrub (post to come)!

Here's all the lovely ladies in my fam that were at my Nana's today.
My other sister, Trish came by the house later and I gave her her gift. It was a beautiful wonderful day and I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's day! Such a great holiday! I am so blessed! Blessings to all you mothers out there!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Grason's 2nd Birthday Party...his big day!

Grason's birthday was a huge success! I can't thank all our friends and family more for their support in showing up for G's big day! Pictured above is the shirt I made for him to wear:) He always has to be dressed up, lol

The photo above is our food table. I made the sign (which I showed in a previous post on how to make) and the picture frame is my absolute favorite piece! The streamers were not what I had invisioned but I only had about 20 minutes to set up everything so I was a little stressed!

As you can see, my elmo pops are displayed, as well as the cute little bucket I made for Cookie Monster's cookies and my handmade signs to let everyone know what everything was...Dorothy's goldfish too!

 Elmo's pizza was brought to you by Papa John's lol and was a huge hit with all the kiddos!

 I was originally going to make all the cupcakes look like the faces of the characters, but time and energy were lacking and so I decided to make these cute little cupcake toppers instead and just use the different color icing, but they turned out great and looked amazing and were eaten up by all so I consider them a huge success...sometimes less is more I guess:)

I also made an elmo cake so Grason had something to blow out, just in case we didn't have enought cupcakes for everyone...

 I wanted Grason's beautiful invitation displayed at the party, so I put it in a frame that I had at the house and took my cricut and cut different designs on adhesive paper and voila!

  My awesome welcome sign looked perfect on the door to the food room

 Outside the food room were the plates and cups (you can't see on the cups but they each had a label that said "This cup belongs to:" and crayons for the kids to write their names on them) and the books I got from the dollar store just to display and Grason can use them in the future to learn his colors and letters.

 These are all the goodie bags for the kiddos! They loved them!


And finally, the star of the day, enjoying his cupcake:)

It was the best day with the best of friends and best of family!
Thank you for all that participated and joined in our our special day!

Below are some additional photos from the party.....it was the best day....