Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A new adventure has begun....

OH sweet blog how I have missed you! I am so sorry it has been a lifetime since I have posted, but I plan to keep this up to date now. Just to fill you in a little bit, I am officially a college graduate from East Carolina University with a bachelor's in Mass Communication! I am contemplating going back in a year to get my Master's in Social Work/Psychology, I started my own business in January as a thirty-one consultant and am loving life!

So since I have started my new business I have really seen such a transformation in myself. I am not a quiet or shy person by any means, but I do have issues with speaking publically and since I am a communication major, that just had to change. Since starting with thirty-one I am really breaking out of that fear and becoming more comfortable speaking in front of people and it is really exciting! I am really loving that I get to party and make money doing it! I have always been a party planning person so this fits right into my area of expertise and I love to organize so the products are perfect for me too!

I have been to a lot of direct sales parties...I even went to my fair share of thirty-one parties and I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever be the type of person that would want to sell it! Well, I was wrong! Signing up with that little ol $99 in January has changed my life! And I'm just getting started! So for all you fellow followers out there, share my blog and share my business if you will!

Right now I am doing a great giveaway! Anyone who hosts a party with me in June, July or August will win this Large Utility Tote in our fun new summer fun flops pattern for FREE!!! That's right!
If you are interested just send me an email to rachelcaroline8@gmail.com and let me know what month you can do it and I can email you back with the dates I have available!


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